Gastronomy Dictionary
English 15.05.2020


Scallop Crudo
pickled mussels, Gigante bean purée, banana jam
Eggplant Naan
fried eggplant, grilled naan Bread, old bay aioli, sport peppers, mint, cilantro
BoB Pocket
red bell pepper filling, Goat Cheese icing, chicken liver Mousse
Peanut Agnolotti
mole, smoked Whitefish roe, hibiscus, puffed Genmai
Grilled Octopus
date purée, grilled endive, crème fraîche
Duck Confit Tortelloni
sage pasta, ricotta cheese, Butternut squash purée
Salt Cured Carrot
miso caramel, cashew, coconut, beluga Lentils, orange

Main Courses

Stuffed Squid and Cuttlefish
fava bean purée, freekeh, Pistachio, caper berry, rainbow chard, kumquat
Brown Butter Cod
parsnips, chestnut purée, root vegetable dashi
Seared Foie Gras
sumac fluff, plantain, macadamia, aji amarillo
Pozole Braised Pork Shank
caramelized onion soubise, red chili glaze, crispy hominy, radish, cilantro
Venison Loin
leek and Horseradish crema, braised beets, venison jus
Short Rib and Waffle
braised short ribs, Pomegranate veal bbq, gem lettuce


Foie Gras Rocher
Hazelnut caramel, foie gras Mousse, dark Chocolate brownie
Almond Cake and Cranberries
Cranberry compote, almond and Apple-butter cake,
blackstrap rum Ice Cream, chestnut
Coconut and Shiso
red shiso sorbet, calamansi purée, coconut, lychee
Pineapple Pecan
sour Cream Mousse, pecan praline marshmallow, cara cara orange,
amarena cherry, Pineapple Sorbet
Tokyo Moon
Chocolate Japanese Cheesecake, candied oyster mushroom, bay leaf

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